Bistable Multivibrator/ FlipFlop

It is also called as

Double shot multivibrator.

Essentially, Bistable Multivibrators are not oscillators. They will change their state (output waveform) for first trigger and return to its orginal position for second trigger.

ie; For the first trigger pulse, the output waveform goes from Low to High.
And For the second trigger, it will come back to its reference position (Low)

Bistable Multivibrators are commonly used in Counting Applications.

Bistable multivibrator is also called as FlipFlop because, it requires two trigger pulse for a complete output pulse.
As the name implies, Bistable multivibrator has two stable states.
Unlike astable and monostable multivibrators

ie; the multivibrator doesn't change its state, if their is no trigger pulse.

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