Difference Between The Transistor Configurations CB, CE, and CC

sl no. Characteristics Common Base Common Emitter Common Collector
1. Input Dynamic Resistance Very Low(less than 100 ohm) Low(less than 1K) Very High(750K)
2. Output dynamic resistance Very High(less than 1M) High(less than 45K) Low(50 ohm)
3. Current Gain Less than 1 High(100) Very High(greater than 100)
4. Leakage Current Very Small Very Large Very Large
5. Voltage Gain About 150 About 500 Less than 1
6. Power Gain Medium Highest Medium
7. Phase relation b/w i/p and o/p In Phase Out of Phase(180¤) In Phase
8. Applications For High Freq. apps For Audio Freq. Apps For impedence Matching Apps.

Comparison Between the Three Transistor Configurations


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