INFRARED (IR) FLASHER CIRCUIT is very much important for security or burglar systems. The Circuit is quite simple and easy to do for your projects.

As we discussed in my previous posts IR SWITCHING CIRCUIT, Infrared rays are invisible to human eyes. We can only see it through a camera.

infrared flashing circuit

Circuit diagram of Infrared flasher Circuit


R1- 150K

R2- 1.5K

C- 0.01μF

Ic 555 timer constitutes the heart of this circuit, it is wired as an ASTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR which will produce a Frequency determined by the RC(R1,R2,C) time constant of the circuit.

You can use our 555 Frequency Calculator tool to find the output Frequency of this circuit.

The output voltage from pin 3 will drive the IR Led to glow.

You can use 2 led's in series to increase the brightness.

This circuit can be used as a flasher for security cameras at night.

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