• College Bus Students counter with overload Alarm

  • Timetable Notification System

  • Heart beat Monitor
  • Automatic Fan speed Control with Temperature
  • Gps based Vehicle tracking System
  • Intelligent street Lamp
  • Line Following Robots
  • Solar tracking system
  • GSM based Security system
  • Object Counter
  • Laser Communication System
  • Digital Lock For Banks
  • Laser based Barcode Reader
  • Fingerprint Identification system
  • Card Locking system
  • Ultrasonic Motion Detector
  • Digital Tachometer
  • Muscle Stimulator
  • High and Low Voltage Alarm system
  • Metal Detector and Alarm
  • Digital Light Meter
  • Frequency Counting Circuit

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  1. hi dear..
    actually i m given a project which will be based on powersupply .. plz suggest me a suitable roject for me ..

  2. i want to know operation of microcontroller