Almost all digital circuits are works under 5V power supply. Here we are going to discuss on How to Generate  5V from 230V A.C supply. Digital IC’s, Microcontrollers, MicroProcessors and some basic circuits are generally powered by a 5V DC voltage. By using this project, you can eliminate the need of a battery in common circuitries. The circuit is simple to construct and maintain as it includes the following parts:-


Transformer 9V/2A 1

Regulator IC 7805 1

Diodes 1N4007 4

Capacitor 470uF,50V 1

        0.01uF 2


5v dc power supply

Working Principle of 5V Voltage Source

The circuit consisting of a 9V stepdown transformer, voltage regulator IC(7805) and some capacitors, used for filtering purpose. The figure given below shows the basic block diagram of AC to DC Converter. It includes the following stages:-

Dc power supply

  • Transformer
  • Rectifier
  • Filter
  • Voltage Regulator

The stepdown transformer, down-converts the high voltage AC input (230V,50Hz) to a 9V,2A; because the transformer we used here having a specification of 9V/A. The alternating voltage from secondary terminal of the transformer is given to a bridge rectifier. The bridge rectifier converts alternating voltage to unidirectional voltage with the switching action of diodes. This voltage is finally fed to a 5V regulator IC through a 470uF,50v electrolytic capacitor, which eliminates the ripples and make the output stable. After regulation we get a 5V DC voltage at the output of 7805 IC.
pin diagram

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