This project aims to design  a  Live  traffic  system. This  project  consists of  GSM   module, LED  display,  LPC  2138, and  ZIG-BEE module. This  system  is  mainly applicable  for  traffic  maintaining. A   speed  governor   will be  there  in vehicle  which  is  used  to reduce  the  speed of vehicle.  A speed  limit  board  will be  placed  on the  certain area  and this system consists of GSM module, LED display and microcontroller board. Traffic police could control the speed limit showing the LED display via internet. And this  speed range will be send to all vehicles through zigbee module. With  the  help  of motor  control  we  can reduce  the  speed  of  vehicle .Traffic polices could control the speed of every vehicles in a certain area. For installing this system we can reduce the road accidents in school limit areas, city limit areas etc.

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