Deaf and Dumb people communicate with each other  and others in many areas of everyday life. Often they need support to communicate effectively with each other. The project aims to develop a complete Portable Communication Aid for deaf and dumb. A flex sensor glove along with MEMS Accelerometer is used to convert the sign language to voice. The PDA with voice to text converter converts voice to text format.

            The 3 axis Mems and Flex sensor glove is connected to the  ADC channels of the LPC 2138 Microcontroller. According to the digital output values from Mems and Flex sensor, The microcontroller recognize the corresponding letter and transmits to voice recorder IC through SPI module. The IC converts these to voice format.
            The project also includes a PDA with voice to text converter which converts the voice into corresponding text format and transmits to the microcontroller through Bluetooth. Bluetooth is interfaced to the UART module of the microcontroller. The microcontroller also includes a LCD module which displays the text.

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