A day on the water is one of the best ways to escape from the summer heat. But all fun and play can make for a dangerous day on the water. Boat accidents are mainly due to number of passengers when exceeds. With help of this project we can reduce boat accidents due to number of passengers.
            This project is designed to provide a safety feature for Boats, where the number of passengers are a critical factor in the increasing boat accidents. This project is nothing but a Bi-Directional visitors counting and displaying system using Infrared Transceiver modules. Two IR modules are placed at the door,which transmits  IR rays to the receiving modules. When these invisible rays are cut by someone, it detects whether the person is entered or gone out by the order the rays cut. The count will increment and decrement when someone enters or leaves the boat respectively. If the passengers count exceeds a particular limit, the system will gives a warning buzzer alert. The current passengers count will be displayed on an LCD display.

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