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We can blink two incandescent bulbs alternatively in 230v by using starter bulb
called "STARTER".

Connect 2 bulbs serially (serial connection) using proper graded insulated cables,
then connect the starter bulb parellaly to the second bulb (otherwise starter will burst out) and check out the starter must be in middle of two bulbs.
Always use 100watt bulb as second one and 40watt bulb as first. finally connect two terminals
to power supply (230v single phase 50hz).
By covering the bulb with colour paper we can use this to decorate christmas trees.

Please refer circuit diagram for more info.

If it didnt works please interchange the bulbs1&2.


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I'm Tittu Thomas, An Electronics and Communication Engineer from India, Kerala. I love doing hobby electronics circuits, blogging, programming, etc. Started this blog while doing my B-Tech degree under CUSAT university.

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  1. does that starter bulb have any electronic specific name or it is just called so??? can u pls explain the working of starter bulb


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