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Device Controller using RF Waves

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While searching for a electronic working model on Net, we have to come across this Amazing Circuit, now i am going to explain this to you....


As you know the circuit employs a TRANSMITTER & RECIEVER section....

As usual the Transmitter transmits the control signals used for device working.......

Circuit Diagram for Transmitter is shown below.......

image sourced from CircuitsToday

This circuit mainly consist of ASK Transmitter which is used to Produce a Frequency of about 433mHz, so we get the transmission range of about 300 foots.....

device control using rf waves

fig shows ASK Transmitter

The Receiver Section

device control using rf

fig. Shows ASK receiver

The receiver also includes, an ASK reciever, with the frequency as of Transmitter

The circuit shown below.....

device control using rf

What to do, if it doesnt gives you OUTPUT

Possible Problems...

1. No Output

if you dont getting any output in Receiver section...
First thing you have to do is, Identify the
trouble, for that do the following procedures

1. Remove the ASK transmitter and Receiver
2. Connect the Din pin in Encoder with Dout pin of Decoder IC
3. Give proper supply voltage
4. Apply same address with DIP switch in trnsmtr and recvr
5.check whether any of the flipflop is working by applying correct switching pulses.
6. If you get the output Replace your ASK transmitter and receiver with a new one.

Still no Output Read the remaining....

2. Malfunctioning of Voltage Regulator IC L7805

device control using rf

fig shows LM7805 IC

To verify whether the regulator IC works properly do the following..

The pin config of L7805 is as follows
1 - Input
2 - Gnd
3 - Output

check whether, this ic gives an output voltage approximately equal to 5v, by appling the defined Input voltage..

If not, remove the IC and give 5v directly
By removing you have to take care of one thing, Ground matching....
Dont worry just another wire will do the job..
Connect the ground of both Transmitter and receiver together For getting the Output..

Or use a common voltage source for both Transmitter and receiver (only for checking)...

If it still not working,
Comment here your Problem, Queries and Suggestions

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I'm Tittu Thomas, An Electronics and Communication Engineer from India, Kerala. I love doing hobby electronics circuits, blogging, programming, etc. Started this blog while doing my B-Tech degree under CUSAT university.

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