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Miller Sweep Circuit Explained with Circuit Diagram

The miller sweep circuit or miller integrator generator is a precise and linear ramp voltage using active devices providing required feedback, the effective time constant and supply voltage is enhanced.

Miller sweep circuit is the basic schematic of a widely used sawtooth generator.
The amplifier acts to increase the aiming potential; thus, linearity is improved and the output amplitude is increased. As the integral of a step function is a ramp, it is evident that this circuit would provide a sawtooth output.

The feedback can be negative voltage or current type. The circuit of miller sweep generator is drawn below.

Circuit Diagram

miller sweep circuit

It uses a bjt,the switch shown in the fig. Is an ideal switch normally it is closed.
The transistor is in off condition.
The timing capacitor is charged to a voltage Vcc via the resistor Rc and the switch .

miller sweep waveform

The fig. Shows an Ideal Output waveform of sweep Circuit

The switch is opened at time t=0, then the base emitter voltage of the transistor increases to Vbe ON. This increases in the base emitter voltage through the capacitor c is coupled to the output.

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