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Everything about MULTIVIBRATORS

MultiVibrator's are commonly used to generate Non-Sinusoidal Signals.
It is basically a two stage
RC Coupled Amplifier with Positive Feedback.

ie; The Output of second stage is given as input to the First.

The output voltage of multivibrators are non sinusoidal, it may be Square pulse, Rectangular Pulse or Saw tooth and are used to store binary numbers, triggering pulses and as FlipFlops.

Their is mainly Two stages for a MultiVibrator.

1. Transistor Q1 normally ON and Q2 OFF.

2. Transistor Q1 normally OFF and Q2 ON.

Multivibrator mainly includes two Transistors Q1 and Q2.
The output pulses are generated such that, controlling the ON and OFF time of each Transistors. Which is achived by regulating the BIASING Network.

Generating Rectangular Pulse Using Multivibrators

The Rectangular Pulse is generating by increasing the turn on time (Ton) than that of turn off (Toff).

Generating Square Pulse Using Multivibrators

The square pulses are generating by making the Ton and Toff time Constant.


is Nothing but a Switching Circuit using Transistors to turn ON and OFF in alternate manner.
The process of Ton and Toff is achived by making the Transistors goes to Saturation(ON) and CutOff (OFF) regions alternatively.

MULTIVIBRATOR is mainly Classified into Three.

1. Monostable MultiVibrator (Single shot)
2. Bistable Multivibrator (Flip-Flop)
3. Astable Multivibrator (Free running Oscillator)

Application Of Multivibrators

The important Application of Multivibrator is to generate Non-sinusoidal Pulses.

The Astable Multivibrator or Free Running Oscillator Doesn't require any type of inputs[Triggers] it will start oscillates itself at the moment we give supply Voltage Vcc.

Other Applications of MultiVibrators.

- Create Time Delay.
- Counting purposes.
- Store Binary Numbers.
- Wave Form Extending


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