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Stagger Tuned Amplifiers are used to improve the overall frequency response of tuned Amplifiers. Stagger tuned Amplifiers are usually designed so that the overall response exhibits maximal flatness around the center frequency.

It needs a number of tuned circuit operating in union. The overall frequency response of a Stagger tuned amplifier is obtained by adding the individual response together. Since the resonant Frequencies of different tuned circuits are displaced or staggered, they are referred as STAGGER TUNED AMPLIFIER.

The main advantage of stagger tuned amplifier is INCREASED BANDWIDTH. Its Drawback is Reduced Selectivity and critical tuning of many tank circuits. They are used in RF amplifier stage in Radio Receivers.


circuit diagram
Stagger Tuned Amplifier Circuit Diagram
Figure shows the circuit diagram of two stage stagger tuned amplifier.
The stagger tuning in this circuit is achieved by resonating the tuned circuits L1 C1, L2 C2 to slightly different Frequencies.

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