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Haptic Controlled Robots for Surgery

            Haptics is a field of science and technology dedicated to tactile sensation and it has applications fro everything from handheld electronic devices to remotely operated robotics. Now a days robotics are used to perform surgery. The main advantages they provide are decreased blood loss,less pain and quicker healing time. Robotic assistance decreases the fatigue that doctors experience during surgery. This system developed  Robotic ARM for doctors to perform surgery on the patients even though they are physically not in the same location. The movement of user's arm along with haptic technology is used to control the Robotic ARM. Sensors like Mems(Accelerometer) and Flex sensor is used to control the Robot. Servomotor is used for Robot motion. A Radio frequency camera is used to transmit the visual signals of surgery to doctor's PC or TV where a RF Camera receiver is interfaced.

            This robot consists of six servos. The robot carries an embedded system board . Servos can be used for motion. Most servo motors can rotate about 0 to 180 degrees. Mems and Flex sensors are interfaced to the ADC channels of microcontroller in transmitter section that can detect the acceleration,inclination and bend. These sensor values are transmitted to the microcontroller at receiver section through wireless communication. A zigbee module is used in this system at transmitter and receiver side for wireless communication. Servomotor at the receiver sides rotates according to these sensor values received. Mems and Flex sensors are attached to doctor's gloves.Both the transmitter and Receiver sections are built with ARM-7 based microcontroller.

            Radio Frequency cameras are closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras that transmit a video and audio signal to a wireless receiver through a radio band. The video images thus captured can be seen live on TV. It is a low cost surveillance system used to monitor a larger area.


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