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RFID Based Smart Shopping Trolley

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology offers the ability to provide many new services and conveniences in the retail environment. Considering a shopping market,people want to wait for a long time for their turn while the staff of that shop completes checking whole products in each trolley one by one and make a bill for that and also the payment.

To change this method we are introducing a new device, ”RFID based Shopping Trolley”. In this device there is a RFID module,a LCD display and a ZIGBEE module. There will be a unique code for a product and each product contains RFID chips on it. While placing the product to the shopping trolley,the RFID tag on the trolley identifies the product and its rate is noted. After shopping the total bill of products in the shopping trolley is send to the Billing section through ZIGBEE. There is no need to waste time for checking again the products in the trolley one by one. Bill is printed from the Billing section.

            The past several years have witnessed a rapid growth of wireless networking. However,up to now wireless networking has been mainly focused on high-speed communications,and relatively long range applications such as the IEEE802.11 Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN) standards. The well known standard focusing on Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (LR-WPAN) was Blue tooth. However it has limited capacity for networking of many nodes. There are many wireless monitoring and control applications in industrial and home environments which require longer battery life,lower data rates and less complexity than those from existing standards. For such wireless applications, a new standard called IEEE802.15.4 has been developed by IEEE. The new standard is also called ZigBee. We can use zigbee communication for data transfer.


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