List of DIY Electronics Engineering Projects

Top Electronics Engineering Projects [DIY Projects]

Here we Summaries some of the Best Electronics Engineering Projects that we made so far.
I hope it will helps you with your Mini/Main Projects, all these Projects are explained well with suitable Block Diagrams, Circuit Schematics, Working Principle, Pin Diagram, Relevant Video clips and so on...

Fingerprint Based Security System using R305

This project deals with How to make a most modern fingerprint Security system in reasonable cost. It consists of a Fingerprint reader (R305), At89S52 (8051) Microcontroller, 16*2 LCD Display, Buzzer and Relay. If you are interested click on the above Link.

Portable Battery Charger using Renewable Energy Sources.

By using this project you can Charge your mobile phone or Laptop battery, even if you are travelling. The key advantage is, the energy required to charge the battery is generated from Wind or Sun. It also provides an extra battery backup if both of these are not available.

Timer Based Appliance Control System

As the title of this project indicates, its an Home Automation system. The automation is made by a Timer associated with it. you can also customize the duration to get the appliance turn ON or OFF at any time.

Digital Temperature Sensor and Indicator

This project tells about temperature measurement and Indication. The temperature is sensed by LM334 IC and is displayed over 3-digit 7 segment LED Display. It consists only hardware that is no complicated Programming of micro-controllers.

Fluid Level Detector and Indicator

It is a very simple circuit made just using transistors and indicating LED's. you can try this at your home for very low cost.

Fire or Smoke Detector and Alarm Circuit

Its a 555 Timer based electronic circuit. The smoke is sensed optically, and alarm it to the user.

Radio Frequency Based Remote Control

Its an RF based Communication system, very helpful for long distance communication. The circuit mainly consisting of an ASK Transmitter and Reciever. By using this you can control a relay from a distance upto 300 foots.

AVR Microcontroller Based Patient Monitoring System

AVR Micro-controller based patient health monitoring system engineering project, with full source code and block diagrams.


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