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Test Your Knowledge in Basic Electronics [QUIZ]

Here we Presents a Quiz to test the Knowledge in Electronics of our Loyal Readers. Now click on the correct answers for the questions asked below. Answer all the questions and press 'Get Score' Button given at the bottom. In this post we tried to cover all the important questions in Electronics. After the test the answers will displayed on the text field given below. If you find anything wrong please do Inform us...!!!

Lets Begin:-

1. The word Electronics Stands for
Electrons and Integrated Circuits
Electrons and Integrated Chips
Electron Mechanics
Electron Science

2. Who developed vacuum diode
J.A Fleming
Michael Faraday
Frederick Guthrie
Lee De Forest

3. 555 Timer was first Introduced by
National Semiconductor Corporation
Bell Laboratory

4. Reverse Resistance of a diode is of the order
500 Mega ohms
100 Mega ohms
1000 Mega ohms
1500 Mega ohms

5. Avalanche Breakdown in P-N Junction diode is primarily dependent on the phenomenon of

6. The Temperature coefficient of an intrinsic semiconductor is
Like that of Metals

7. Mobility of Electron is Highest in

8. Hall effect can be used to
Find the type of semiconductor
Find the carrier concentration
Measure conductivity
All of the Above

9. Current Flow in a Semiconductor depends on the phenomenon of
All of the Above

10. In a PN Junction without biasing, the P side is
Negatively Charged
Positively Charged
None of the above statements are true

11. The PN Junction Diode is a
Passive Device
Vacuum Tube
Unilateral Device
Bilateral Device

12. PIN Diode is frequently used as
Peak clipper
Voltage Regulator
Harmonic generator
Switching diode for the frequency up to Ghz range

13. For Harmonic Generation, The Diode that can be used is
Backward Diode
PN junction Diode
Tunnel Diode
Varactor Diode

14. The Schottky Barrier Diode has
One P-N Junction
No P-N Junction
Two P-N Junction
None of the above

15. Choke input filter is a
Zero Detector
Average Detector
Peak Detector
RMS Detector

16. Ebers-Model of a transistor represents two diodes
In series
In Parallel
Back to Back
None of the above

17. Tunnel Diode is made by following Semi-Conductor
Highly Doped
Sparsely Doped
None of the above

18. Transistor is a
Current Controlled Current Device
Current Controlled Voltage Device
Voltage Controlled Current Device
Voltage Controlled Voltage Device

19. Lowest output Resistance is obtained in
Common Base Configuration
Common Emitter Configuration
Common Collector Configuration
None of the above

20. Early Effect in BJT refers to
Avalanche Breakdown
Thermal Runaway
Base Narrowing
Zener Breakdown

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