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Vehicle Over-speed Detection and Tracking system-Electronic Project

            An automatic mobile speed violation detection and response system for identifying vehicles traveling in excess of a predetermined speed and providing a response to this violation is proposed. The mobile speed violation detection device includes: measurement of target vehicle speed and outputting signal indicative of the measured speed; capturing license plate data on the RF ID tag affixed to the target vehicle when vehicle exceeds the predetermined speed; identifying the location of the speed violating vehicle; tagging the captured RF ID based license plate data with vehicle speed and location data; wireless communication of transmitting speed, license plate data, location data and local speed limit to and from the information system.

            This system is designed to monitor and control the speed of vehicles through wireless network. Zigbee is used for wireless communication in this system. The normal speed of the vehicle is stored in a system with zigbee. It transmits the speed to the system inside the vehicle which is designed using a microcontroller. The speed transmitted is received to the microcontroller through zigbee and the it is compared with the speed of the vehicle. If the speed of the vehicle is more,then a LED connected to the microcontroller is turned on as over speed alert. If the Led remains on after 5 sec that means the speed is not reduced and therefore  a sms of overspeed  is sent through the GSM to the authorities mobile including the number and location of the vehicle. The location of the vehicle is tracked through GPS interfaced to the controller. The main part of the system is microcontroller and we use ARM-7 based LPC 2138 which is ideal for our project. Zigbee,GSM and GPS modules are interfaced to the serial port of the controller. Led is interfaced to the i/o port of the microcontroller.


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