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WiFi Controlled Robotic Vehicle - Electronic Project Abstract

This project is a robot vehicle that can be controlled through any computer wirelessly using a WiFi link. It transmits real-time video to the controlling computer using the same link. The video transmitting camera mounted on it. It also has obstacle detection,temperature,sound and light sensitivity feature.

Usually robots are controlled through a laptop using an WiFi link which is subject to attenuation, noise and has a very limited range as well. This project features a robot that uses WiFi 802.11G standard for its control signals through TCP/IP protocol, which has flow control. This enables uninterrupted and reliable transmission of control signal to the robot vehicle. WiFi support high data rates which enables good quality uninterrupted video transmission from the robot to the computer. Image capturing is done by mounting an IP-camera over the Robotic Car. Obstacle detection is done by using IR sensors which receives signal from IR transmitter when the obstacle is detected. Light sensing capability is another supporting feature added to the robot for its flexible operation, it is done by using Light dependent resistors.

It is applicable is areas like blocked tunnels, pipe lines and enemy zones which are not reachable due to high risk level, blockage or because of our physical limitations.

This Project is a robot vehicle which is wirelessly controllable through any laptop, it transmits live video wirelessly to the controlling laptop, it can detect obstructions which comes in its path way, and can also sense dark places and efficiently uses its lights to support efficient use of camera even in dark places.

Robot vehicle has the following features enabled:
  • Wireless controlled and maneuvered through a laptop using a WiFi link.
  • Obstacle detection feature with which any hurdle in its path is detected and the robot stops.
  • Wi-Fi enabled transmission of live digital video to the controller laptop or PC. 
  • Wireless Live Camera for capturing and transmitted to the PC
  • Light sensitivity: It would turn its lights on recognizing if it is dark.
  • Audio Sensitivity; It can recognize sound
  • Temperature Sensitivity: It can recognize temperature


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