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Patient Monitoring System [DIY Electronic Projects]

Electronic Patient Monitoring System


This project aims at monitoring the patient’s health conditions continuously. The parameters like heart beat and temperature monitored continuously. In other words, the doctor will be diagnosing the patient continuously. This project uses the wireless concept, GSM. In this system, if the body temperature of the patient exceeds above a particular limit, it automatically sends message to the doctor and also produce an alarm indication, so that urgent help to the patient can be provided. The same alerts are also produced when the heart beat goes lower than a particular limit. The system also contains an LCD screen, in the patient’s room which displays the conditions of the person so that the doctor can have an easy analysis of the patient conditions.

Block Diagram

Patient Side:

block diagram patient side DIY electronic project
Block Diagram of Patient Monitoring System - Patient Side

Doctor Side:

doctor side block diagram
Block Diagram of Patient Monitoring System - Doctor's Side

The core of this project is AVR microcontroller, it has more features like 16bit timer, 10-bit ADC, USART, SPI, I2C, 256 bytes of EEPROM memory, and 32kbytes of flash program memory, then at last its speed of program execution is about to 1 microsecond or 10 MIPS (10 Million Instructions per second), etc. However, compare to other microcontroller it is fast and very ease to program in C language.

Download this project source code.


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